Prime Rate


1 Year Fixed Rate


2 Year Fixed Rate


3 Year Fixed Rate


4 Year Fixed Rate


5 Year Fixed Rate


Fixed Rates

Prime 7.20%
5 Year Fixed Rate 4.89%
4 Year Fixed Rate 5.09%
3 Year Fixed Rate 4.94%
2 Year Fixed Rate 6.04%
1 Year Fixed Rate 6.69%

Variable Rates

5 Year Variable Rate Prime -.95%
3 Year Variable Rate Prime -.95%

Private Mortgage Rates

First Mortgages starting as low as 7.99%

Second Mortgages starting as low as 9.99%

Up to 80% LTV
Beacon Scores from 300 +

Oshawa’s Real Estate Market & Mortgage Requirements

Since November 2023, the Oshawa housing market has been fluctuating. Average home prices have decreased while new listings have risen by 41%. This trend indicates a balanced market favouring buyers. With the housing market favouring buyers, ou can trust Canadalend, a top mortgage company in Oshawa, for your lending needs.

When it is a buyer’s market, housing prices drop. There is less competition. If you want to buy a home, now may be an ideal time since you won’t be paying more in a monthly mortgage for less space.

We provide customized solutions for Oshawa residents. Our vast array of potential lending companies creates competition for our client's business. It means better terms and lower rates, saving them monthly income.

Our brokers understand the latest mortgage products, rates, and trends. We work with our client’s current income, credit score, home equity, and lifestyle to find the best solution. Our array of lenders provides homeowners with options no matter what season of life they may be facing.

Canadalend can find you the best rates, alongside expert advice from experienced mortgage brokers Oshawa residents know they can trust.

Mortgage Rates Oshawa: Unveiling Our Oshawa-Based Mortgage Offerings

As the years progress, homeowner’s needs and situations change. The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) has reported that the housing crisis experienced in 2023 isn’t likely to improve without significant intervention.

While rates may continue to steadily climb in Ontario, Canadalend remains committed to working with our clients to find them the best available rates and navigate the rocky terrain of Ontario’s housing market.

Mortgage Refinancing

Mortgage refinancing helps homeowners to receive lower interest rates and terms. Homeowners receive better rates because they have reduced the principal amount on their previous mortgage.

It benefits homeowners by lowering their monthly payments and increasing their cash flow. Lower interest rates allow homeowners to consolidate debt and pay it off quickly. They can also access home equity to pay for education, renovations, or other purchases.

Home Buyers Mortgage Plans

Our brokers work with home buyers to secure mortgage plans tailored to their objectives. People want to receive the best mortgage rates in Oshawa, as well as the best terms.

By having access to a vast network of lenders, we provide these at competitive rates. No matter what your credit score, income, or situation, we provide mortgages suited for you.

Second Mortgages

Second mortgages are an alternative to refinancing. For this mortgage, homeowners must take out an additional mortgage against a previously mortgaged house.

They can increase loan size by tapping into their home equity. Homeowners use this type of loan to pay expenses, cover upcoming needs, buy property, start a business, and more.

Commercial & Industrial Solutions

Do you need capital for the expansion of your existing business? Perhaps you have a great idea and want to start your own company. We tailor our commercial and Industrial solutions to our client's needs, recognizing the uniqueness of their situation. We help turn your dreams into a reality with custom options.

Private Mortgages

Private mortgages provide an alternative to traditional institutional financing. They are the perfect solution for those previously refused loans from banks. CMHC insists banks follow a strict set of lending guidelines. However, private mortgages provide greater flexibility for situations where lending is more complex.

Bad Credit Mortgages

Financial institutions may decline your mortgage if you have a low to no credit score. Due to changes in CMHC regulations, some people are considered high risk—even if they have a good income. Our alternative lenders fund bad credit mortgages emphasizing home equity instead of credit score providing the money you require.

Self-Employed Mortgages

In 2014, CMHC discontinued self-employed mortgages for individuals without third-party validation. It posed challenges for self-employed individuals as banks declined them for funding. However, these changes did not impact our non-traditional lenders, allowing self-employed people to receive mortgages.

Self-employed mortgages rely on bank statements to verify income, and private lenders can extend a mortgage up to 95% of the purchase price without default insurance.

Home Equity Loans

As homeowners pay down their mortgage, their home’s market value increases. Home equity is the ownership amount established in the property. It is determined by subtracting the existing mortgage from the home’s value.

Money is based on equity and can be withdrawn for any reason, like renovations, paying expenses, or a vacation.

Home Equity Line of Credit

HELOCs are a line of credit. It is available if you have a good credit score and a minimum of 20% equity in your home. It allows homeowners to access money as required using a competitive interest rate.

Mortgage & Tax Arrears

Being behind on your taxes or mortgage payments leaves homeowners uncertain about their future. However, all is not lost when it comes to finding a solution. We find ways of getting our clients back on their feet.

Our solutions give owners the possibility of a second mortgage or an equity loan with better rates than personal loans/credit cards.

Reverse Mortgage

Those 55 years old and over can qualify for a reverse mortgage. Your home’s equity provides financial resources when you need them for renovations, to cover expenses or other things.

Reverse mortgages allow homeowners to withdraw from accumulated equity in the home without needing to sell their house.

It allows people to borrow up to 55% of their home’s value.

Mortgage Renewal

Is it time to renew your mortgage? If you are tired of feeling like you are paying too much for your current mortgage, consider mortgage brokers in Oshawa, Ontario. With a vast portfolio of lenders, we cause lenders to compete for your business.

This competition enables us to obtain better terms and lower rates for our clients, saving them significant money.

Reasons to Choose Our Mortgage Brokers in Oshawa

If you are tired of dealing with Ontario’s turbulent housing market and the challenges big banks impose on their customers, reach out to our team of mortgage brokers in Oshawa.

When it comes to borrowing money, financial institutions such as banks often have strict regulations in place. This can make it challenging for individuals to secure a mortgage with favourable terms.

However, when you work with an Oshawa mortgage broker like Canadalend, we go the extra mile to ensure you get the best deal. With a vast portfolio of lenders to choose from, our clients have more options.

The competition between lenders drives down interest rates and improves overall mortgage terms, making it easier for you to achieve your financial goals.

Our team of agents is dedicated to providing personalized mortgage solutions to our clients. We stay up-to-date with the latest industry products, rates, and trends to provide you with the best possible options.

contact us for a hassle-free and efficient mortgage experience.

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