Fixed Rates

Prime 7.20%
5 Year Fixed Rate 5.19%
4 Year Fixed Rate 5.39%
3 Year Fixed Rate 5.79%
2 Year Fixed Rate 6.09%
1 Year Fixed Rate 6.44%

Variable Rates

5 Year Variable Rate Prime -.90%
3 Year Variable Rate Prime -.90%

Private Mortgage Rates

First Mortgages starting as low as 7.99%

Second Mortgages starting as low as 9.99%

Up to 80% LTV
Beacon Scores from 300 +

Navigating Hamilton’s Real Estate Market

Contacting our mortgage brokers in Hamilton is wise as we know the neighbourhoods. We know where your investment will quickly grow. Those who live in Hamilton, Ontario, want to receive more for their money regarding housing and want closer access to amenities.

Over the past few years, Hamilton housing declined by 10.9%, including sales. While there were fluctuations between balanced and buyer’s markets, it will return to balanced conditions in 2024 and onwards. Projected sale prices should increase by 3.5%, and sales transactions will increase by 2%.

Our mortgage lenders are here to assist you in obtaining financing for your goals. Our vast lender portfolio provides options, making us different from traditional banks.

Exploring Our Services for Mortgages in Hamilton

While Hamilton, Ontario, provides an excellent place to live, mortgage challenges exist. Canadians wanting loans and mortgages have their application declined by traditional banks. Strict requirements are the source of this rejection, but our mortgage brokers are here to help turn your situation around.

Mortgage Refinancing

Mortgage refinancing in Hamilton can improve certain financial situations like debt consolidation. However, homeowners are encouraged to remain cautious. There may be penalties for breaking an existing mortgage, with additional costs.

Our agents prioritize your needs and promise to tailor a solution to current market conditions and our clients' financial objectives.

Home Buyers Mortgage Plans

Our experts help home buyers navigate through the complexities of obtaining a mortgage. We assist our clients with understanding several financing options and complex terms.

Our mortgage lenders in Hamilton help customers understand the mortgage approval process with acceptable loan options, tailor recommendations, and make informed decisions.

Second Mortgage

Second mortgages come with a perceived heightened sense of risk and can come with increases in interest rates. Canadalend is the best option for getting a second mortgage in Hamilton, as our brokers bridge the gap between our lending portfolio and clients, helping you get the best terms and rates.

Our experience empowers our customers with strategies and insights into leveraging their primary property, allowing you to capitalize on equity.

Commercial & Industrial Solutions

Canadalend helps existing and aspiring entrepreneurs with their commercial financing. Our commercial mortgage brokers in Hamilton assist clients with securing the best commercial rates with options designed for their needs. Our 20 years of commercial, construction, and land assembly financing make us experts at handling your finances.

Private Mortgages

Our private lenders in Hamilton don’t consider your credit score when financing a mortgage. Accessing funds is easier because they are more lenient when contrasted with traditional banks. However, there are requirements borrowers must follow.

Private lenders consider all loans registered to your property and the market value. They determine your loan-to-value ratio by adding existing home mortgages and dividing it by your home’s market value. They also consider the location.

Bad Credit Mortgages

If traditional banking institutions have declined your application, you still have options. We understand the unique challenges a poor credit score poses. Therefore, we leverage an extensive lender network to find those who understand your situation. We enable you to obtain favourable terms and lower interest rates, allowing you to increase your credit score.

Self-Employed Mortgages

With the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) creating stricter lending rules, self-employed people find obtaining mortgages challenging. However, private lenders make the approval process seamless. Our private lenders in Hamilton have a no-income verification mortgage, allowing self-employed people to get financing.

Home Equity Loans

When getting a home equity loan in Hamilton, the sum received on the loan depends on debts against your property and market value. They must establish a loan-to-value ratio with a result falling below 75% of the application for approval. Some lenders are sympathetic to employment history and credit scores, providing 75% of the value.

Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)

HELOCs allow homeowners in Hamilton to access their home’s equity. We help our clients to find competitive rates and terms with our selection of lenders. Our agents can assist you in saving money over your loan’s duration. Personalized recommendations assist our clients in discovering the best borrowing amount to ensure their financial stability.

Mortgage & Tax Arrears

The potential threat of foreclosure or falling behind on payments can create stress on homeowners. We provide resources and experience geared toward your situation. Our industry relationships assist us in restructuring your existing mortgage to better align with your current circumstances.

We do this without you having to compromise life’s essentials.

Reverse Mortgage

Reverse mortgages are for homeowners 55 years of age, plus. It provides a great way to supplement income and use the equity in your home. Homeowners can regularly borrow smaller money amounts. However, unlike traditional mortgages, lenders make payments to borrowers.

Reverse mortgages help owners fund expenses like tax/utility bills and cover medical costs. Payments are voluntary, with interest accrual added to your equity. The loan is paid when the homeowner dies or sells their property.

Mortgage Renewal

When homeowners reach the end of their mortgage, it provides a chance to address their current needs. It enables individuals to position themselves for better interest rates and terms. Our mortgage brokers in Hamilton leverage our vast relationships with lenders to search for competitive rates which align with our long-term objectives.

Reasons to Choose Our Mortgage Solutions in Hamilton

Do you want more options when it comes to borrowing money? Traditional banks have stricter rules governing lending practices, frustrating homeowners. Our lender portfolio creates competition for your business, driving down interest rates and creating better terms. When lenders compete for your business, homeowners win.

Our specialized industry knowledge educates our brokers on the latest housing markets, available features, products and mortgage rates in Hamilton. We provide convenient, fast service to our customers with our availability. It allows us to expedite your mortgage approval process.

We care about our customers and want to help you find the best solutions. Our team tailors their recommendations to what you can reasonably afford and your current situation. We assist you in lowering monthly payments, allowing you to save money. Our team can increase your cash flow and help you save on interest.

For a mortgage brokerage in Hamilton, Ontario, dedicated to your financial success, consider Canadalend. Call 1-844-586-0713 or contact us here.

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