The Spring Market Thaw

Posted on 24th May 2018
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As spring approaches, both the weather and the housing market are poised to thaw. The question that buyers and sellers will be asking is whether last year’s stagnant spring market was an aberration or the beginning of a trend.

Early reports from 2018 seem to position the housing market as being more in-line with profitable years like 2013 and 2014. While it’s a bit early to know for sure, the signs do point to this spring being more productive and generating more sales.

Spring Impact on the Housing Market

Spring usually drives property sales due to an increase in inventory as more people list their homes. As well, it’s a popular time for buyers as the new supply offers more options for them to find a home that fits their budget and needs.

Supply can effectively drive the market and the spring typically sees an influx of listings that motivates buyers to get out and shop for their first or next home.

2017’s Stagnant Spring Market

Last spring, the average selling price dropped and there were fewer transactions. The biggest decline was experienced by detached houses. The slowdown could be attributed to the lack of supply or economic factors. In addition, affordability might have been an underlying reason.

The 2018 Spring Market

This year’s optimism could be related to the arrival of new Canadians, many of whom are situated in the GTA and looking to buy a permanent residence. This will drive the market as will the completion of several major development projects. Markets like the GTA tend to rebound due to the population and the constant demand.

It’s fair to assume that the bloated rental market and the high cost of rent might motivate renters to shift course, propelling the market to greater heights in 2018.

It might not be a season of crazy gains but it will wake the housing market from its hibernation and could gain steam through the summer and well into 2019.

The biggest takeaway is that buyers and sellers shouldn’t wait another year. They should start the process and monitor the market in the coming weeks. Contact us today to learn more about the GTA’s spring housing market and to discuss the steps to mortgage pre-approval.

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