Telltale Signs that you have a Great Real Estate Agent

Posted on 27th April 2017

It’s incredibly risky for someone to pursue selling or buying a home without a real estate agent. There’s a ton to know and a minefield to navigate through when it comes to hunting, negotiating and legalities.

All productive and effective real estate agent share certain qualities.

Local Knowledge is Key Because Every Neighbourhood is Different

Partnering with the best real estate is great but you might be better served with the best real estate agent for your specific area. The most successful real estate in Toronto might not be the best bet for your desire to buy a home in Milton.

A Personal Reference is worth a lot more than Marketing

When someone you know and trust has worked with a professional you are considering, their recommendation can be the difference maker. Anyone can write a catchy slogan on a bus shelter ad but when someone you know recommends an agent, it’s a sign that there’s at least something positive there.

A Hands-on Approach

Real estate is a client service business and shouldn’t be done by sitting at a desk. Your agent should be physically with you every step of the way from viewings to open houses to meeting you at coffee shops to go over strategy and listings. If you find yourself missing your real estate agent, then it’s probably time to find a new one.

If your Real Estate Agent has any of these Qualities, you Might want to Reconsider

If your real estate agent lacks communication skills, is hard to reach or is constantly scrambling for answers than you need to take note and possibly act. This is the biggest purchase of your life so you need their undivided attention.

If you don’t feel as if your wants and needs are being reflected or that your agent is imposing their will, you need to take note and decide if it’s time to course correct.

Above all else, you know whether you have the right agent or not and it’s perfectly fine to go with your gut. It’s about what’s right for you.

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