Second Mortgages: How to Determine the Amount

Posted on 12th December 2018
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Before applying for a second mortgage, there are different factors you should consider to understand the amount of funds that could be made available. Many individuals do not receive a clear explanation as to how the amounts they are able to borrow are actually calculated. Here is some insight into those figures.

Home Equity

First, the equity of your home plays an important role in their determination. This translates to the variance between its value and what you still owe. It goes without saying, but the smaller the amount you have left to pay on your primary mortgage and the greater the value your home is, the better.

Mortgage Terms

Second, the length of the mortgage term you choose will influence the amount you will be required to pay your lender each month. A longer term is often more manageable because that means smaller payments, but it will take significantly more time to pay off; if you choose to move beforehand, your equity will be less than if you paid higher monthly amounts.

Lender Fees

Mortgage lenders often charge their clients a lending fee, loan origination fees, appraisal costs, as well as a fee to reduce the loan’s interest rate. Since these amounts can all vary from lender to lender, it is important to check with at least a few different institutions to ensure you obtain the best rates and lowest fees. No matter what you decide, experts suggest also getting the amount in writing.


Like with a primary mortgage, your rate will remain the same throughout the term of your mortgage if you choose a fixed rate. A variable rate will change based on the market and can either work to a borrower’s benefit or detriment. While the fixed rate may seem more secure, you may be able to save significantly if rates decline.

It may be particularly helpful to speak with a financial advisor who can offer some insight based on industry projections. Contact us to learn more about second mortgages and how to determine the amount you may be able to borrow from lenders.

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