Second Mortgages Explained

Posted on 12th December 2018
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There are many steps involved in buying a home, not the least of which is securing a mortgage. While this is standard for most people as they seek to buy their first home or move to another home, some owners might need to apply for a second mortgage. That means, in most cases, that they want to take out a mortgage on top of the primary mortgage to pay off debts or make a large investment, which can include post-secondary education or starting a new business.

Why Apply for a Second Mortgage?

second mortgage is also commonly known as a home equity loan. It may seem helpful to have this option to manage complex financial matters, but it is important to not enter this arrangement lightly. For some, despite taking on more debt, it can actually help improve your credit score if you use the money for debt consolidation.

Getting Approved

It may not always be possible to get approval from a financial institution in the first place. The interest rate is usually higher and there are often penalties for defaulting, so experts recommend comparison shopping both of these factors. Still, interest rates on second mortgages are usually lower than credit cards.

Be Prepared for Fees

Each financial institutions or lenders will charge different closing costs and fees. As a result, find out in advance what these parameters are so you can create a repayment plan. Qualifications for a second mortgage are first determined by the value of your home and its equity. Income and credit history are important, but not major factors like they are with most other loan applications—including a primary mortgage.

Value for Borrowers

There is greater freedom with a second mortgage compared to other loans. In fact, borrowers can often negotiate the terms and as much as 85% of your property’s value can factor into the amount you can receive. However, not everyone will provide this option as it is riskier for the lenders. That is because, if you happened to default on your loan payments, your primary mortgage lender would be paid before your second mortgage lender.

If you are considering a second mortgage application, contact us to help you ensure it is the right move.

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