Renovations are a Worthy Investment

Posted on 30th March 2017
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Renovating a house or office is a pain. There’s no way around it. The space becomes a construction site, there’s a constant stream of workers entering and exiting and you will most likely experience at least one if not several delays.

In the long run, there’s a lot of benefit to undergoing a renovations project even if the short-term pain is significant.

Renovations can add a ton of Value to your Property

Just about any upgrade to your house can immediately increase its overall value, especially if it’s more than cosmetic. New appliances, floor or carpet refreshes or a room renovation that modernizes or makes it more functional are all investments that should provide a return when you sell.

Some Renovations are better than Others

If you want to feel the value that renovations can make to your home than focus on the kitchen. This is the room that can have the largest impact. Before demolition, do your research to find out which kitchen trends are popular.

Small Touches Can Transform a Space

Most people focus on the large overhauls for houses and offices but sometimes the lighter touches can be the most dramatic. Something as small as under cabinet lightning can make a big difference to a kitchen. Replacing laminate flooring with hardwood can completely change the atmosphere of a room. Get creative and consider millwork and finishes as much as the bigger items.

Focus on Modernity but There’s a Caveat…

The question to ask yourself when renovating is does this reflect modern tastes and sensibilities. Even if something is meant to be kitsch or retro it can still reflect what is on trend. While renovations today might look dated in 10 years, you should consider when you might sell and speak to contractors about how easy future updates might be.

Renovating takes a savvy mind and a lot of patience. If you can withstand the psychological trauma that might come with the experience, you could be find your pockets lined with a healthy return on your investment.

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