How Much Are You Worth?

Posted on 18th October 2018
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As a homebuyer pursuing a mortgage from prospective lenders, how do the professionals determine what you are pre-approved for?

You Need a Pre-Approval

When it comes to affording and purchasing a home, individuals require a pre-approval from a bank or other credible financial institution. Lenders determine how much they deem you can reasonably pay based on a number of factors. While it may be mysterious to some, the general principles of income and assets play an important and obvious role. So how do the calculations actually work?

The Mortgage Paperwork

Someone applying for a mortgage pre-approval must provide a range of documents, including paystubs and T4s, employment and financial account information, proof of assets and liabilities, and from where you can take money for your down payment. A financial institution or other lender will also research your credit score. Once approved, experts recommend for prospective buyers to purchase a home below the maximum amount with which they are presented.

Lenders are Risk Averse

The figures you receive during and after a pre-approval meeting consider various parts of your financial past and present. In addition to your income and assets, lenders take into account your current debts and credit, not to mention the costs you will be paying for and at your new home. That includes the purchase itself, but also heating costs, condo fees (if applicable), and property tax.

Make Yourself Attractive to Lenders

Essentially, the more you earn and the better your credit, the more stable of a position your lenders will perceive you to be. The fewer debts and liabilities you have, the better. Everything is taken into account for such a significant purchase like a home. In Toronto, the average detached property is valued at over one million dollars, after all.

If you are wondering how you may be able to boost your rate, simply maintain your good financial health and avoid frivolous spending. Find a better paying job, pay your credit cards on time, pay off your student loans, and ensure a spouse or partner you will be purchasing the home with has a solid financial reputation, as well.

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