Debt Consolidation Can Help You Manage the Unmanageable

Posted on 2nd September 2015

Canadians get into debt for any number of reasons: a lost job, unexpected expenses, a divorce, overspending, even saving too little. One of the best ways to get a handle on out-of-control expenses is through debt consolidation .

Canadians Going Deeper in Debt

If you’re in over your head with unmanageable debt, you’re not alone; nearly half of all Canadian credit card holders carry credit card debt. On top of that, one in three people do not pay off their credit card bill every month.1

According to the most recent data, the average debt balance for a Canadian consumer (excluding mortgages) is $21,028. In 2014, the average debt balance in Canada was $20,880.2

Part of the reason Canadians are getting further into debt is the ultra-low interest rate environment. For example, low rates on a line of credit, which typically has floating interest rates, make it cheaper to borrow.

Things can go from bad to worse when you just pay the minimum due on a credit card or line of credit. This can lead to a worrying cycle of unmanageable debt.

Hike in Interest Rates Could Hurt Canadians Even More

Canadian interest rates have been at historic lows for years, leading many Canadians to get complacent about the eventual hike in interest rates. Even those with manageable debt levels could feel stretched when interest rates start climbing higher.

In addition to personal debt, many Canadians will struggle to make mortgage payments when rate hikes kick in. One third of homeowners will have trouble making mortgage payments if their monthly payments increase by just 10%. A further 15% could not handle any increase in payment.3 This is an indication that home buyers weren’t given the best mortgage advice when they purchased their home.

Average Canadian Won’t Be Debt-Free Until Age 56

On average, Canadians don’t expect to be debt-free until they are 56 years old, while 21% will carry debt until they are over 65. Over half of Canadians aged 65 and older say they carry some form of debt, with credit card debt and lines of credit being the most common types. In addition, 13% of Canadians say they will never be debt-free.4

But how do you pay off your debt? And where do you start if you have multiple sources of debt?

Manage Your Debt Through Debt Consolidation

If you are overwhelmed with unmanageable debts, it might make sense to merge them all into one loan. This is what debt consolidation is.

You can consolidate your debt by taking out an equity home mortgage or you can refinance your mortgage . Debt consolidation helps simplify finances so you only have one monthly payment. On top of that, the interest rate on debt consolidation is usually much lower than other loan interest charges. The Nation’s Leader in Debt Consolidation

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