Canadalend Interviews Founder, Bob Aggarwal

Posted on 6th October 2016
Tags: bob aggarwal, is committed to helping everyday Canadians with their mortgage needs, providing debt consolidation solutions, plus home equity lines of credit, private mortgages, and more…

But isn’t just a company. It’s a group of people who are passionate about helping others when they need help securing a loan when the banks say no. And one of those important people is’s founder, Bob Aggarwal.

Bob sat down to answer some questions about himself and the mortgage business and explain how helps so many people:

How did you first get into the mortgage business?
“When I first started out, in 2004, I worked in the collection industry. It was there that I first noticed that sometimes good people wound up in bad situations. So, I would do my best to get loans for these people to help them to refinance through brokers. After a year or so, I started my own brokerage,”

What’s the biggest benefit gives to their customers?
“I’m proud to say that has made it a mission to inform our customers that they do have options, even if they’ve been turned down by the bank.

We give a wide array of lending options like home equity lines of credit, second mortgages, private mortgages and more, all at competitive rates. I’m especially proud of our commitment to customer service and taking a hands-on approach to finding our customers real solutions for their mortgage financing needs.”

What is the most important thing you believe a consumer needs to know about getting a mortgage?
“The most important thing for anyone looking for a mortgage is that you have options. There are mortgages and loans that can be tailored to your situation and needs. Gone are the days where you just had to take what the bank gives you. Today, the consumer has a choice went it comes to mortgages.”

Where do you see the housing/mortgage industry trending in the next 5-10 years?
“While the housing boom has steadily been rising for almost two decades, some people think it’s going to contract. I think it’s still going to rise. There will be minor corrections, but I think overall, this market is still going strong. Real estate is still one of the best investments you can make and with private lenders like, we can make it easier to get more Canadians the money they need.”

If you own your home and have been turned down by the banks for a second mortgage, or home equity line of credit because you have “less than perfect” credit or are self-employed, let Bob and the rest of the team at help you get the money and advice you need.

Contact at 1-866-i CAN LEND (422-6536) or click the APPLY NOW button to submit a risk-free application.

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