Arrears: Facts and Strategies

Posted on 24th September 2018
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The challenges of having a mortgage extend far beyond just obtaining one in the first place. Monthly mortgage payments are non-negotiable and missing them can quickly put you in arrears. This means you owe money you simply should have paid out already. Tax arrears are similar in that you owe money to the government. However, both situations translate to putting yourself in significant financial trouble.

Mortgage Arrears

With a mortgage, your Ontario lender can take legal action to reclaim their money, pursuing what is called ‘power of sale’. This means you would be evicted from your home and they would sell it in order to get their money. From start to finish, that process could take an approximate period of three months.

Although you would receive any additional profits from the sale, you would incur the applicable power of sale fees and still be left without a home. You may stop the power of sale before it is carried out, but this requires help from a financial expert.

Tax Arrears

With taxes, the Canada Revenue Agency has the right to redirect your tax refunds or tax credit to pay off your debt. They may alternatively take action to garnish your wages, or even seize your property if needed—including your home, which they can sell at auction. You also incur the significant interest rates associated with tax arrears, making it even more unattractive to find yourself in this position.

Avoiding Arrears

Neglecting such significant payments as taxes or mortgage can result in other serious financial issues. When it comes to obtaining any loans, you may be forced to go through only a private lender. However, you may simply be forced to sell your property and pursue major debt solutions.

Obviously, it is best to make payments on your mortgage and taxes as quickly and efficiently as possible. If you find yourself struggling to keep up with these, however, it may be necessary to seek professional assistance from a financial expert. Tax or mortgage arrears are serious and can lead to additional hardship.

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